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Go iLawn and Go iPave New Feature: Introducing the Geofence
Posted by Alle Fairhurst on 30 March 2015 12:13 PM

We are excited to announce the launch of a new Go iLawn and Go iPave feature: the geofence. The geofence will change the way users interact with our photos when measuring properties for landscaping, pavement maintenance and snow removal estimates. 

Specifically, the geofence allows users to walk in and out of pictures as much as they need to within one square mile on any given property search.

Prior to the geofence, users could walk into four pictures or four times on a search. If the user needed to go beyond four walks, another search was required to continue walking. So ultimately the geofence provides our users more flexibility!

To learn more about the geofence, check out this Go iTalk article.


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Go iLawn and Go iPave Launch Landscape and Asphalt Contractor Success Centers
Posted by Alle Fairhurst on 23 January 2015 04:26 PM

Over the years we’ve had the chance to work with thousands of landscape, pavement maintenance and Contractor Success Centersnowremoval contractors and they’ve shared some great insights with us along the way. These insights have not only guided us in our product development, but they’ve also helped us understand what other tools and solutions our clients might be looking for to help them achieve their goals.

As a result, we’ve put together some great business resources including eBooks, checklists, worksheets and instructional documents in an effort to help contractors excel in different areas of their businesses- many of which were developed with the help of our CEO Mike Rorie, a former landscape contractor.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve compiled all of these resources and made them available in ourLandscape Contractor Success Center for Go iLawn clients and our Asphalt Contractor Success Center for Go iPave clients.

Download Worksheets, Checklists & eBooks for Service Contractors for Free

Some of the items within the success centers include:

  • Best Business Advice for Landscapers eBook-This features a collection of quotes about business from our clients and other great business minds. It’s great to flip through when you need a little motivation.
  • 80/20 Systems Audit Worksheet- Based on the 80/20 rule, a theory that shows a critical minority of action produces the majority of results, this worksheet is designed to help business owners and managers focus on developing the systems most critical to the success of the company.
  • Benchmarking Checklist- Measuring and analyzing key performance indicators are the principles of benchmarking. This checklist helps you get started on the process at your service business so you can streamline operations, increase employee motivation and build a more profitable company.
  • Delegation Checklist- Delegation is a tough skill to master. This checklist helps owners and managers come up with a simple, but effective delegation process.
  • How to Use the NOAA Website to get Snowfall Data- This document walks snow removal contractors through an easy step-by-step process to download free historical snowfall data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s website to help them prepare accurate snow removal estimates.

All of these items are available to download for free on Go iLawn and Go iPave.

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Canadian Data Updated
Posted by Timothy Price on 20 February 2013 03:38 PM

 Property Boundaries and Rooftop Point Data has now been added to our ever expanding coverage areas.

  • We now have 101502 parcel boundaries in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • We now have 514141 roof top points available for Toronto, Ontario

 Some notes:

  • Clients for THESE 2 CITIES should search using just the first 3 digits of the post code
  • This data is only available  within the greater metropolitan areas only

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Company Profile

Founded in 2005, GIS Dynamics is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) company that provides custom solutions to a variety of industries. The company has evolved into providing geospatial software as a service (SaaS) applications to landscape, paving and snow removal contractors.

The online applications integrate high resolution aerial photography, measuring tools, property data and geospatial information and are designed to equip contractors with an efficient way to measure properties and produce proposals.

Business Situation

In early 2009, GIS Dynamics was first to develop estimating software for the landscape industry. Their introductory product, Go iLawn®, is an industry-leading web-based software solution that helps landscape contractors measure properties, bid jobs and win sales—without expensive and time-consuming travel.

According to Timothy Price, Vice President of Operations for GIS Dynamics, “Our clients will often view and measure properties on Go iLawn before meeting with a prospect. Many contractors bid on multiple landscaping or landscape maintenance opportunities located in different areas of the country. As such, our systems need to quickly identify the correct address of the prospective customer’s property or properties so they can confidently estimate the job without on-site visits.”

Another important component of the GO iLawn solution is the ability to provide nationwide parcel boundary maps that aid in the measurement and visualization of a property. Therefore, the parcel data within the GO iLawn solution’s GIS platform must be able to fulfill a very broad number of geographically disparate requests with consistently accurate output.

Technical Situation

Initially, GIS Dynamic technicians spent hours contacting county officials attempting to access parcel boundary data from various resources.

In fact, Mr. Price told CoreLogic, “When we eventually received parcel data from county officials, it was often outdated by several years, and therefore inaccurate. It didn’t take long for us to realize that we needed a more efficient way to collect this data. As a small company, we had neither the time nor the staff to dedicate to the job of collecting and maintaining parcel data on a county by county basis. We needed current property boundaries for the entire country.”


GIS Dynamics Found a Single and Trusted Solution for Their Parcel Boundary Requirements

ParcelPoint® is a robust and patented parcel dataset that has more U.S. coverage than any other source. At CoreLogic, we often refer to ourselves as our own best customer because the parcel dataset is a key location information component behind the accuracy of our industry leading Flood and Geospatial businesses.

With over 131 million out of an estimated 145 million parcels nationwide, CoreLogic is able to provide many county geographies that other providers may not have. Quarterly updates ensure that the parcel collection is growing and accurately maintained. Plus, with staff members dedicated and passionate about the product, clients have access to timely and knowledgeable technical support.
Trusted by a variety of industries, including the financial industry, the decision was made by Mr. Price and GIS Dynamics to invest in the best possible resource—ParcelPoint from CoreLogic.

Go iLawn interface and CoreLogic Parcel Boundary Layer

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Cincinnati, OH, May 22, 201- GIS Dynamics, parent company to Go iLawn and Go iPave Software as a Service (SaaS) is pleased to announce the release of their enhanced property measuring tools and measurement grouping feature. The software upgrades were developed around user feedback and they were built to further streamline the estimating process for landscape, snow removal and pavement maintenance contractors.

Measurement grouping was initially added to Go iLawn and Go iPave in June 2011 allowing users to group property measurements by surface type: turf, mulch, edges, asphalt, concrete and sidewalks. It was designed to help contractors quickly and accurately quantify equipment, materials and total square footage for different areas of the properties they measure for estimates.

Now the measurement grouping feature is completely customizable. Users can add, edit and delete measurement groups. Plus they can assign colors, units of measure and proposal information to their groups.

“The enhancement of the measurement grouping feature in the Go iLawn and Go iPave toolset is a huge improvement for our users. Now they can create site maps that speak to the different services and tools of their business very easily,” said Chris Ascolese, head of business development for Go iLawn and Go iPave. “It’s efficient, flexible and specific to the quote- which is what our clients are looking for.”

Go iLawn and Go iPave users can also save custom groups, and assign a default custom group to their username, allowing them to create user profiles.

In addition to the measurement grouping feature, the Go iLawn and Go iPave measuring tools have been refined. Now, measurement results will display in real-time in the user interface. This allows users to create custom line distance and area measurements if needed.

“The new real-time display of the measurements as users are working with the tools is especially beneficial for pavement maintenance contractors,” said Ascolese. “It helps pavement contractors quickly and accurately measure and mock up pavement patches, parking stalls and other repairs.”

To try the new custom grouping feature and to use the Go iLawn and Go iPave measuring tools, visit the demo test drive area located on or today.

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